Wednesday, February 10, 2010

24 Years...

I turned 24 yesterday, which when asked how old I was today for a focus group questionnaire, I had to sound like a moron because I said 23, paused, said twenty-umm, I'm 24. Doesn't sound like a hard question normally.

This year's birthday was ten times better than last year's birthday due to 1. Not having to work (well, I had a training for the Auto Show, but that doesn't count) 2. Getting a massage 3. I was not in Iowa 4. Got to go out drinking with friends. Now, the plan for my birthday was to go ice skating then out to the bars, but yesterday was the biggest snow of the season, so a lot of people couldn't make it out and we had to skip the skating. Still, it overall was a good day. I appreciate all the birthday wishes. Last year on my birthday I was working alone in Iowa, so really, anything that happened this year, even a blizzard and earthquake, totally beats it.

24 sounds like a better age than 23, so I think it'll be a good year. I'm working at the Chicago Auto Show until the 21st, so if you go, come visit me!

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Rachael said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a good day despite all the snow!